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Ghost Gate Road is one of those rare stories that you can never unhear, and it will embed itself in your subconscious like a virus and haunt you.

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Episode • 00 • Trailer • Transcript


Matthew Condon: For decades, a quiet and remote Australian country town nurtured a world class monster.

Audio Clip
CAR GPS Female Voice: “Arrive at Ghost Gate Road. Arrived”

Matthew Condon: A man who, after more than half a century, is only now coming into focus as possibly this nation’s worst serial killer.

Audio Clip
CAR GPS Female Voice: “Arrived” and sounds of gravel road.

Matthew Condon: His name is Vince O’Dempsey, psychopath, gangster, child killer, rapist.

I’m Matthew Condon, journalist and true crime author, and I’ve spent years researching and tracking the life and crimes of this vicious murderer, and this is Ghost Gate Road.

In this podcast series, I’ll investigate the myriad of stories I’ve been told about a private graveyard where Vince Dempsey is said to have buried his victims.

Witness: “He always buried his victims, standing y’no upright”.

Listen, as I interview countless ex-associates and the former friends off this psychopath.

Witness: “He was capable of murdering anything with a heartbeat… “

Be shocked by his deep involvement in entrenched police and political corruption.

Police witness: “To get to be the very best detective you have, you have to have the very best informant. “

Ex-associate: “All the coppers were scared of him”

Reporter, Brain Bolten: “This mass murder, the worst in australia, should never have been allowed happened”

Matthew Condon: Recoil at the eyewitness accounts from many of his criminal colleagues who were shocked and revolted by what this man was capable of …

Ex-associate: “From the time of the nick there, in the prison in the 60s he was walking around with bibles under his fucking arm, he believed the devil was in there”.

Ex-associate: “There’s this girl hitchhiking, at the side of the road, he said go down where she can’t see and turn around and fucking throw her in the car”.

Matthew Condon: What was life like for Vince’s romantic partner, who he somehow managed to keep over many of his most violent and destructive years?

Ex-associate: “There was a gun there or something, and he had it, and she grabbed the stock and pointed it at him and pulled the trigger.“

Matthew Condon: You’ll hear from the many families of his victims who still yearn for justice for their loved ones. In the wake of this mass killer’s destruction.

Judge: “Over the years, you’ve prided yourself on your reputation for having killed many people. You are beyond redemption.”

Police Detective: “Justice is eternal, and so to other rights of the victims.”

Matthew Condon: Vince O’Dempsey is currently serving life for three murders. He’s self confessed to 33. My opinion. It’s closer to 100.

From Whooskaa Studios, I’m Matthew Condon and this is Ghost Gate Road.

Come join me on the hunt to uncover Vincent’s private graveyard and step inside the mind of one of the most sadistic killers Australia has ever produced.

Ex-associate: “I think he gets excited killing people. He makes poor old Ivan Millat look like a choir boy”

Matthew Condon: Ghost Gate Road is produced by Whooshkaa Studios.

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Ghost Gate Road deals with serious and sometimes distressing issues. If this episode has raised any issues for you, please seek support.


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